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R&D Safety, Health, and Regulatory Manager
Austin Powder Company (McArthur, OH)
Laborer / Shot Crew Member
Austin Powder Company (Chico, TX)
Laborer / Shot Crew Member
Austin Powder Company (Georgetown, TX)
PETN Maintenance Mechanic Multiple Shifts Open
Austin Powder Company (McArthur, OH)
Laborer, General
Austin Powder Company (Onalaska, WA)
Laborer, General
Austin Powder Company (Roseburg, OR)
Commerical Explosives Blaster
Austin Powder Company (Nashville, TN)
Location Manager
Austin Powder Company (Tulsa, OK)
Night Shift Driller
Austin Powder Company (Charleston, WV)
Plant Manager Manufacturer of Powder Paint
Austin Allen Company, LLC (Louisville, KY)
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Austin Powder
PO Box 74
Fork Union
VA 23055-0074
p. 434-842-3589
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Location Type:BranchCompany Type:Standard
Year Founded:1993Asset Amount (USD):
Sector Type:Private CompaniesTicker:
Primary Industry:ChemicalsSecondary Industry:
SIC Code:5169,2892NAICS:325920,422690
Annual Sales (USD):$5 million - $9.9 million# of Employees:1-49

Name: John F Lamb
Title:Manager, Management
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:434-842-3589Business Fax:
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